Online Schools – Education From a Distance

There are numerous online educational programs to choose from, and the opportunity for students to receive an education from a distance is expanding as more career options become available. Online schools provide a variety of educational options for students looking to enroll in either a part time or full time degree program. With online education gaining in popularity, locating an excellent school that meets individual students’ career goals should come with little effort. Students can save time, money, and stress by making sure that the online school they choose will provide the education they desire.

There are a number of advantages to choosing a distance learning program. An online educational program can provide students with the flexibility to study at their own convenience, while obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary to start a career. Online schools allow students to obtain a variety of certificates and diplomas, as well as associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorates degrees from the comfort of their own home. When looking to enroll in a distance education program, it is important that students make sure the school or college they choose can provide an education specific to their individual career goals.

With a wide range of career opportunities available from online schools, students can choose the career that best fits their individual and educational needs. There are a number of accredited distance learning programs that offer students the opportunity to study for a variety of careers. Online schools may offer degree programs for those who wish to obtain a career in accounting and finance, business, communications, engineering, management, and many other career fields. With career training programs available to provide the opportunity to learn online, students can gain the certificate or degree they need to become the professional of their dreams.

The level of degree or type of career each individual student desires will decide the appropriate type of online education they receive. Some students may be required to complete all of their training online while others will be enrolled in a blended learning program, which includes both online and traditional campus based courses. Graduates who already hold a degree, certificate, or diploma may decide to complete continuing education online, depending on the specific area of study. Non-credit learning is also available from a number of distance education programs for those who wish to learn about a specific interest, special hobby, or simply learn new things.

Students can pursue the career of their dreams by receiving the accredited education necessary to obtain a degree, certificate, or diploma in a variety of fields. Online post-secondary educational programs offer students the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge they need and desire. With various online schools available, the dream of an exciting new career can become a reality for those who wish to further their education from a distance. Schools and colleges that offer distance learning are increasingly becoming more common, and are likely to continue to grow allowing students to pursue a number of careers.

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Start a Home Based Business Online – Every Small Steps Count

If you’re in the verge of starting your own home based business only, you might be having troubles deciding whether you should leave your day job and pursue a life that you always dream of – such as achieving a debt-free life, complete financial freedom and a stable profitable business.  On the other hand, it can be a risky task since setting up an internet business requires some overhead cost and you would not necessary gain profit within a short period of time. In other words, you cannot guarantee that your business will start making lucrative profits after few weeks of opening.

To be honest with you – there is nothing that guarantees the success of your business but if you’re willing to accept new challenges and deal with new problems persistently and that kind of positivity would attract success! Therefore, starting a successful new online business at home does not come overnight – it requires small baby steps to achieve it. In fact, you don’t have to spend much time on these steps below:

Step 1: Find a niche that you’re really interested at

For some people, it would take hours or days to find a right niche for them and this could happen to you too. If you’re having difficulties of finding one – you can browse through the advertorial section in magazines and newspapers, to see others what they are currently promoting. Based on that, you can easily choose one niche that interests you. Other than that, if you have a hobby or any particular interest that you wish to pursue, you can actually turn them into a profitable online business as long as you’re fully dedicated to it.

Step 2: Start researching on the selected niche

Once you have selected a niche, you have to identify competitors of your niche and learn on what they have offer to their potential clients. It is similar to a famous quote from Sun Tzu’s Art of War:

Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught in fear for 100 battles.”

Based on this quote, you can learn from your competitors (or “enemies”) about the products they sell, and contents they provide from their websites. From their website contents, you can figure out the keywords that help them rank top of the search engine results page (SERP).  

Step 3: Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business

Since you’ve identified your competitors of your selected niche, it becomes natural to proceed with distinguishing strengths and weakness of your own online home based business – your products or service. Here’s a tip on how those big companies identify their strengths and weaknesses – is performing a SWOT analysis. Therefore, it’s wise that you Google up “SWOT analysis” for more related resources.

Step 4: Find solutions and work on it as soon as possible

When you’ve completed first few steps above, it’s time to take actions accordingly and work on it as quickly as possible. Set up a working schedule to get things at the right time. You need to maintain a high-productivity at work in order to complete all possible tasks on your own as you’re the boss and the worker of your own internet business.

 Now you have learned all the steps to start your own home based online – so let’s start it up!

Obvious Secrets of Best Home Based Business Opportunities

There are so many home based business ideas available on the internet that many people even contemplate quitting their existing jobs and start a business of their own. To be frank, most of them you find are just schemes and scams. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find legitimate home based businesses. You’ll need to be extra careful in choosing the best home based business which could work the best for you.After spending a lot of time researching and with plenty of experiments, I have found a few significant factors which you might need to consider closely before stepping into any kind of business.· You’ll need to completely believe in the product or service which you promote.
· Make sure that the company is compliant with Business Regulation rules.
· Check if the company or firm is really sending regular paychecks to their existing members, at least once a month
· It would be a wise decision to partner with a company or firm which has been in business for a minimum of three years with a good success record.
· Look for company or firm that provides good support and training. Sending a test mail with a query could give you a good idea about their response speed.These factors are basic but they can definitely help you to weed out the bad from the good. The most suitable home based business for you is the one which you love doing. Therefore, you might need to select a business based on your strengths and interests. Any business will involve investment and you’ll need to design the business plans according to your investment budget.Legitimate businesses which involves selling:Online marketing:Online marketing and lead generation is one of the most lucrative businesses available on the internet. It does not matter if you do not manufacture a product or if your company doesn’t provide services. You could easily affiliate with other companies and market their products or services and earn handsome commissions.I feel that marketing legitimate products or services online is the best business for you provided that you have the proper knowledge and the tools.Online marketing would involve building a customer database and a huge one at that.There are many marketers online who resort to the black hat techniques and send unsolicited spam e-mails. This could land them in trouble with the regulatory authorities and they wouldn’t be able to continue their business for a long time. I would suggest you refrain from such techniques and build up your business based on ethics and integrity.There are many techniques which you might need to master in order to drive your traffic to your website. Your work just does not stop at that though. Your website will need to have the driving force which can compel the visitors to take action which is favorable for your company.There’s no denying the fact that all this is not going to happen overnight. You will need to be patient and persistent with your business and it will surely turn out to be the best home based business for you down the line. You will need to cleverly combine your attitude with the mechanisms required to make your business work for you.

Moms in Business – Top Five Factors Every Mom Needs to Consider in Any Home Based Business

As a mom, there are key factors to look for in a home based business that will meet your needs without hurting your budget. Knowing what to look for in an opportunity can be the hardest part in deciding which is best for you. Because choosing the right home-based business shouldn’t be a chore, here are 5 factors that will make every mom’s search easier.1. Affordability
Getting a bang for your buck is the best way to approach the cost associated with a home based business. When choosing a business opportunity, consider the value of what you paying for. What do you get with your business? Is it a deal or a steal? You never want to pay too much for too little. Also consider the maintenance costs along with the initial costs. It may cost $10 to start but requires hundreds of dollars to keep up. So be a savvy shopper and shop around so you don’t break your pocketbook2. Support
Every great home-based business opportunity HAS a support system to help you be successful. Moms stepping into the world of business should look for network marketing companies that offer ongoing communication, education, information, meetings, etc. Although working from home is about creating your own financial freedom, you should never feel alone and your questions and concerns should never go unanswered.3. Compensation Plan
The income potential is crucial for moms deciding a home based business but it can be the trickiest part. Many business opportunities offer an attractive pay-out, but only one time for a recruit or referral and that requires you to continuously work for more recruits. I’ve found that the best opportunities offer residual income. Residual income simply means if you sell it once, you make money from it forever. Work smart, not hard and residual income will save you a lot of time and effort.4. Multiplicity
By far, the best home based business opportunities for moms will have multiple streams of income. These businesses offer income in several ways: recruiting, online sales, product sales, team commissions, etc. Some days you won’t get out to recruit but you can work form home on the computer. This gives you the flexibility to work how you want and when you can. Being able to make money when you are shopping, cleaning, sleeping or even traveling is ideal especially when day to day activities can vary when you have children5. Mission
Being a part of an organization that holds the same principles and values as you is rewarding. Look for a company that doesn’t sacrifice their beliefs for money. To find out what they stand for, read the company’s mission and charitable efforts, and research the founders and the products and services. Then ask yourself: Is this an opportunity I can be proud to represent?

Home Based Business – What Are the Secrets of Success?

Home based business is on the minds of millions of people around the world and it is not just the young up and coming entrepreneurs it is also the older generation including retirees. The computer age and the magnificent concept of the World Wide Web is the driving force behind this new direction in business. Traditional business models are failing and the reasons are numerous. The new entrepreneurial spirit is focusing on multi level marketing, network marketing, internet marketing, and affiliate marketing.There are millions of people around the world that are serious about breaking away from the old ways and are constantly looking for the right home based business. Many get started with multi-level marketing companies while others try the many other marketing strategies. No matter which vehicle people decide on, they all want to know the secrets to building a successful home based business. After all, the goal is to replace the job and never look back.The first thing I would like to point out is this. There are no secrets to building a successful home base business. Believe it or not, this is really good news for you.You do not have to have years of experience. You will not need to pay thousands of dollars to learn the secrets of the all knowing guru and you do not have to spend your life savings on advertising campaigns.So, what do you have to do to be successful?First you must make sure the company, product or system you are considering is reputable. Do not take someone’s word for it. Investigate it yourself by checking with your Local, State, or Federal Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau.Now that you have determined the home based business you are considering is legal and top quality, you must consider the product or service. Is it in demand? Is the product a good seller? Is it a product people will use and reuse? Is the service a real service to people? Is it a service that will help people succeed and achieve their goals? If you chose a home based business that has a popular product or a truly needed service you have chosen wisely.If you have found the right home based business, it is reputable, and has a popular product or service that is in demand and will be for some time to come, you have already made it through the hard part and no secret formulas or expert advice was needed. You did it all on your own and that is all it takes.Now it is time to learn how to make your home based business successful! Here is the big secret! Success in multi level marketing, network marketing, internet marketing, or affiliate marketing is a matter or gaining a little knowledge about your company or system.You can easily become the expert guru in your marketing choice simply by following the training and marketing techniques that are freely given by the home based business of your choice.So, what is the secret of success? No secret! Just schedule your time to work your new home based business everyday then apply the training and marketing techniques that have been provided to you by your company.

Free Property Investing – 7 Ways To Buy Property In Australia With No (or Very Little) Money Down

There’s a myth out there that you cannot buy property in Australia for no money down. The myth is wrong. You can buy property for no money down (or for very little money down). However, as they say, there’s no myth without fire (that’s the right expression isn’t it?). What I’m trying to say is that buying property for no money down is not the “normal” way of doing things. This means that you have to go about things slightly differently to normal to achieve it. By the way, as only 4% of Aussies reach retirement age with enough money to live off their reserves, doing things differently is a great approach as far as I am concerned!So, let’s get on with it!Approach 1 – Use Existing Equity In Your HomeIf you own your own home (with or without a mortgage), you may have equity in your home that you can use.So, let’s say that your home is worth $400,000 and that you have a mortgage on it of $250,000. You therefore have $150,000 of equity in your home ($400,000 less $250,000 = $150,000). Let’s also assume that you have found a great investment property that you now want to buy for $200,000. If you go along to a lender and offer both properties as security, it is likely that they will lend you 80% (or maybe more) of the value of both properties. So, the combined value of the two properties is $600,000. If they were to lend you 80%, that would be $480,000. Of this, $250,000 would cover your existing home loan leaving up to $230,000 for the purchase of your new investment property. This would not only pay the cost of the property but would also leave an extra $30,000 for costs (legal fees, stamp duty, etc.).Approach 2 – Buy At A DiscountIf you have found an investment property that is worth $200,000 and you can negotiate a purchase price of, say, $160,000 then you may be able to get the lender to lend you, say, 80% of the value instead of 80% of the purchase price. This would cover the whole purchase price and just leave you to pay for the costs.While this sounds great in theory, most lenders these days take the approach of only lending based upon whichever is lower, the value or the purchase price. You will usually have to have a very good relationship with the lender for them to lend based upon a higher value.If you are unable to convince any lenders to lend based upon valuation, then an alternative approach is to initially borrow based upon the purchase price and then re-finance as quickly as you can with another lender. The new lender will use a valuation to determine how much they will lend. Obviously, the disadvantage of this is that you will need to find additional funds for a short period of time until you re-finance. However, can you borrow these funds for a short while from family, or friends, or credit cards, or personal loans, or … ?If you have a small pool of funds that is just enough for you to purchase one property in this way, you might decide that you would keep re-using this pool of funds to keep buying more discounted properties, each time converting them into no money down deals as soon as possible after you own them. A large property portfolio can be built this way with only a small pool of money.Approach 3 – Renovate and RefinanceApproach 3 is similar to approach 2. The difference is that you purchase at a fair price (not necessarily discounted) and then do a cosmetic renovation that adds substantially more value than the cost of the renovation, and then you re-finance.So, if we again take our $200,000 investment property. Let’s say you buy it for $200,000. You then spend $5,000 doing a few cosmetic improvements (a lick of paint, tidy the yard, clean the kitchen, etc?) that brings the property up to a value of, let’s say, $250,000. If you then re-finance it at 80% of $250,000, the lender will give you $200,000. You have a short term outlay, most of which is repaid from the re-finance. The cash you eventually leave in the deal in this example is the renovation and purchase costs. Of course, if you were able to get a 90% loan, you would not need to increase the value as much as this and you would still achieve a no money down deal.Approach 4 – Vendor FinanceI like this one! And it’s more common than you might think. Let’s take our $200,000 investment property again. You would offer to purchase the property for $200,000 but on the terms that you would pay, say, 80% now and the balance in, say, 2 years. So, the bank loan covers your initial payment and a refinance 2 years later (when prices have increased) may cover the extra you need to pay then.This approach is more common with rural and agricultural properties but there is no reason why you should not apply it to residential property too.To make it work best, remember that it has to be a good deal for the vendor too. They have to have a good reason to go for the deal. So, maybe you will choose to offer them slightly more than its current value or maybe you will pay them a higher than normal interest rate on the amount you still owe them, and you will offer them the security of a second mortgage, won’t you? etc.Also, it is a very good idea to put your offer in on the basis of two options. Such as: “I’ll buy the house in the normal way for $180,000 or on vendor finance terms for $200,000″. This clearly demonstrates the extra that you are offering for the vendor finance terms.Approach 5 – Off The PlanHere’s another good one. If you agree to buy a property off the plan, you will normally have some time before it is finished and, if the property market is rising, it may have risen enough to get a normal mortgage that covers 100% of the purchase price.Let’s take an example. Say the property price is $200,000 again and let’s say that building is expected to complete and the property will be ready for you to move into (or rent out) in 18 months time. However, by the time it is ready to be occupied, it might have increased in value. This could be simply because the market has moved up or it could be for other reasons, such as the price to buy at an early stage of the development process can be at a discount to its true value. So, let’s say that the property is worth $250,000 by the time it is ready. Getting an 80% loan on the property would give you $200,000 – just enough to buy it for no money down (excluding costs). And, if you were to get a 90% loan, you might even get money back from the deal!There are a couple of great extra twists you can use with this approach. Normally you would need to put in a 10% deposit when you agreed to purchase the property. You would get this back at settlement from the cash from the bank loan. However, if you are interested in no money down deals then you are unlikely to want to put 10% in up front and leave it sitting there for 18 months! So, the way round this is to get a deposit bond. A deposit bond acts like a loan for the deposit. So, you do not need to pay the deposit! Instead you pay a small fee to the deposit bond provider. Your mortgage broker will be able to help you find a suitable deposit bond provider.There’s a second great twist to this strategy. And that’s to buy in Victoria. The stamp duty rules in Victoria say that duty is payable on the value of the property at the time that contracts are exchanged. If you enter the deal at an early stage, the value at that time might be land value only. You can save a lot of money in this way.There is one thing to watch with this approach though. Only enter into the contract to buy if you are sure you will want to purchase the property when it is finished. A few years ago people were entering into these contracts and re-selling the property before it was finished for a higher price. Some people made a lot of money from this and started entering into lots of contracts to buy off the plan with no intention of ever actually buying the properties. This was working terrifically until over-supply caught up with them. They found that they could not sell the property for a profit and they could not afford to buy all the properties they had entered into contracts for. They lost money – some of them lost lots of money. Please, only use this strategy to actually buy a property you want. Remember you are entering into a legally binding contract to purchase the property.Of course, if circumstances change for you and you no longer want to proceed with the purchase at the time of settlement, then you can often find a buyer who will want to buy the property from you and there’s probably a good chance that you will make a profit out of it. But please do not enter into the contract with the intention of never actually buying it.Approach 6 – 100% financeThis is probably the most obvious one. Ask the lender to lend you 100% of the purchase price. Competition amongst lenders is increasing and 100% loans are becoming more available. However, lenders tend to withdraw such products when the property market stalls and make them available again when the market is rising.Also, they will be very particular when assessing your application. They will only offer 100% loans for what they perceive to be very low risk people and very low risk properties. And, they often charge a premium for these loans with higher fees and higher interest rates. Nevertheless, this might be the best approach for what you want to do.Approach 7 – Service ProviderA service provider that structures itself specifically aimed at helping people to buy property with no money down can be a great way for many people. The service providers will work with you to help find the right property and the right finance structure.Some service providers will charge you a fee for their services. However, often they will have direct arrangements with property developers and mortgage brokers that means they can package up a no money down deal for you. The property developers and mortgage brokers like the arrangement as the service provider will do much of their sales work for them – which saves them money. This can be a substantial saving and many property developers and mortgage brokers are very happy to pay a commission to the service provider as this will still save them a considerable sum. In this way, the service provider can often work for you without you having to pay them anything.There are a growing number of these service providers and it is worth checking out a few to see the range of services they offer and what (if anything) that they charge.I would strongly advise you to ensure that you obtain an independent valuation before you enter into any contracts. Some service providers will automatically do this for you. For other you will need to organise this yourself.There are probably many more ways of buying property with no money. The key is to start thinking outside the square and ask yourself and others involved (e.g. the vendor and the real estate agent) “How could I buy this property without putting any money into it?”. You might be surprised by the great answers you get!I wish you great investing!

Completely Free Personal Finance Online – Organizing Personal Finances For Building Wealth

If you want completely free personal finance online help, you are fortunate as organizing personal finances for wealth building has never been easier and there are a ton of online tools and articles that can help guide you to success. Let us cover a few of the best services online for managing your personal finances.

You might want to begin to turn around your personal finances for a number of reasons. You might have bad credit and are looking to improve your credit score for all the benefits good credit provides. You might be facing the more serious side effects of poorly managed personal finances such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, seizures, evictions or other painful hardships.

If you are suffering any of these financial difficulties, my heart goes out to you, I have been there, and it is a very difficult time, but the free personal finance online tools that are available to you now can ensure that you never find yourself back in such a difficult situation.

Here are a few of the completely free personal finance online services to consider: a completely free website to help with organizing personal finances, budgeting and expense tracking that includes a number of helpful tools and suggestions for reducing your expenses and tracking your spending. The service is my number one suggestion as it can be eye opening to see where your money is being spent once you are tracking it properly
Google: harness Google and the wealth of information that is available online with articles from experts ranging on topics from investing in gold to bad credit repair. You name it and there is someone talking about it online and Google can help you find these resources for your research
I could go into a list of other smaller lesser known sites or search engines that track expenses help with budgeting or managing your money, but truly all you need are these two free tools.

What to Look for When Organizing Your Personal Finances

The best advice that can be utilized by one recovering from financial hardship is to make your personal finances and their successful management your #1 priority. Information is absolutely essential for successful management of your money, but I promise as you continue your research the principles will become second nature to you and you will find your credit improving and your income growing as a natural recourse of your hard work.

There are no excuses and you deserve to improving your personal finances is a lifelong and rewarding journey. With all the completely free personal finance online resources available today you can seize control of your financial life back from your creditors.

Market Targeting and Online Advertising

In this digital age, technology has revolutionized the tools in marketing and advertising. Advertising is defined as communication with the intention of persuading a target market to purchase a service, product or idea. With this electronic generation’s target market constantly enticed by advertisements left and right, market segmentation may come as a challenge, especially in an environment where market is diverse and dispersed. Online advertising set the curve in advertising as it changes with the times in the fastest growing economy in the United Kingdom.

Target the Market:

A target market may be defined as a group of individuals that a certain advertiser or business is aiming its advertising efforts at to buy or support a merchandise, idea or service. Choosing the right target market would maximize the success of an advertising attempt.

Classifications of Market Segmentation:

> Geographic – market characterized by location.

> Demographics and Socio-Economic – market characterized by sex, age, occupation, income, etc.

> Psychographic – market characterized by lifestyles and values

> Behavioral – market characterized by level of loyalty

> Product Related – market characterized by relationship to a certain product

Target marketing’s principle is that those consumers specifically targeted create a strong connection and loyalty to the brand of a particular product, service or idea. To effectively promote your product, you have to know who your market is. But in this digital age, the more important question is how to find and reach your market.

The Online Advantage:

Effective advertising lies in its success in selling its ad to its target market. Times are changing and advertising changes with technology. Industries are taking advertising online because the market is on the world wide web. This means advertising that capitalizes on interaction through online banner ads, social network media advertising, direct email marketing, search engine results pages and online classified advertising.

Online advertising Manchester may yield fast and effective results because as statistics shows, in Europe alone, 58.4 percent of its population uses the internet everyday. Moreover, with the applications available to viewers, they can readily share ads with other users that means that you do not only sell to the market but also encourage the market to sell for you. Moreover, by engaging with social networking websites to advertise, marketing segmentation is readily available which makes advertising in Manchester, where market is diverse, easy and effective.

Why Online Advertising Works:

> Online advertising is big. Consumers are constantly online and are growing by the minute. Different applications, websites and platforms are developed to generate a fresh market for advertising online.

> Online advertising is precise. Your ad is sure to target a specific group of consumers. Advertising using the internet offers systems that establish a match-up so that your market is targeted.

> Online advertising gives useful information. This allows you to retrieve data on the number of people who viewed your ad, from what location, what age, socio-economic bracket, etc that could help you make more effective ads in the future.

> Online advertising is cost effective. Less fees, wider range. This means that with a relatively cheap fee, your ad can reach a global market as the world wide web is your billboard.

The Finer Points of Internet Auctions


Penny auctions have exploded in popularity with the massive growth of the internet. However, few people know the true origins of penny auctions.Beginnings actually stretch back to the Great Depression. Those were hard times for everyone, but even harder for farmers. Farmers struggled to bring in steady income because of droughts and crops not selling as well as they had previously. As a result, the banks would foreclose on the farmers who couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payments.

The banks weren’t satisfied with just repossessing the house, they wanted to raise as much capital as possible, so they resorted to selling off the possessions of the owners of the repossessed houses. There was not much the farmers could do about it so they began bidding ridiculously low prices, pennies, on the items while threatening others who dared to bid higher than a few pennies.

The auctions of today hardly resemble their tremulous beginnings. Being part of a penny auction today is exhilarating, fun, and addictive. It combines the selling format of auctioning with a little bit of chance factored in.Auctions are a game of strategy but also a game of luck.

The premise behind penny auctions is giving people the chance to win an item at a drastically reduced price.Auctions make that possible by spreading out the cost of the product among multiple bidders. In order for a person to take part in an auction, they must pay a set price for each bid. For example, if a person wanted to bid on a fifty dollar Amazon gift card then he would spend a dollar for each time a bid placed. If he ended up winning the gift card, then he would only have spent a few dollars for a fifty dollar gift card. Usually penny auctions sell bids in packages.


The main foundation of penny auctions is the pay-per-bid format. It is the key that allows bidders to win items at the fraction of their retail value and allows the auction owners to keep their site profitable. Most y auction sites run on the same premise: people pay a set amount for each bid, whenever a person places a bid within the closing seconds of the auction time will be added, the last person left with a unique bid after the clocks runs out will win the item. There are a large variety of items that can be won, but they tend to be popular electronics or gift cards to popular stores.

There are two types of auctions: lowest unique bid auction and highest unique bid auction. Lowest unique auction sounds confusing but it is actually quite simple. A unique bid is when only one person has a bid at a certain price. Bids usually start at one penny, a bidder can then place a bid at two pennies. Until another bidder places a higher bid, the most recent bidder will be the lowest unique bid because that was the only bid at two cents and nobody bid higher. However, penny auctions generally don’t stop at one penny. It is not uncommon to find auctions that end up at a couple hundred dollars based on the popularity of the item being auctioned. However, the same principles apply for those auctions. Highest unique bid auctions follow the more traditional auction format such as eBay. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction wins the item.

Auction site owners turn a profit by selling bids. Say twenty people are bidding on a ten dollar gift card at one dollar per bid, at the end of the auction if there were twenty bids placed in total then the site owner would have made twenty dollars with a ten dollar profit.Auctions do seem like a win-win situation:The site owner makes money while the bidder gets an item for dirt cheap. However, not everyone wins in penny auctions. The people who paid one dollar each bid but left with nothing to show for their investments will not be so happy.


Penny auction has a lot of chance mixed into it, but one can incorporate strategy that will help raise the chances of winning. Playing smart can make all the difference between gambling and auctioning.

The first crucial tip to winning penny auctions is to know how to manage your bids. Your goal should be to win as much as possible without spending a ton of money buying bids. Managing your bids means that you should already know how much you are willing to risk in order to win an item. The amount of capital you are willing to risk will determine how many bids you can use. Once you know how many bids you have to spend on an item, then you will be better able to manage how and when you place a bid. That will keep you from blowing away all of your bids in the first few seconds of the auction.

The next tip is to practice time management. When fighting in the trenches of penny auctions, you have two enemies: other bidders and time. Knowing when to bid is a must if you want to have success. Placing a bid when there is a lot of time left on the clock is never a good idea. You have to remember that the key to winning a penny auction is being the last one standing when the clock runs out and that each bid increases the amount of time left. It would be a good practice to wait until the last few minutes of the auction before you begin to bid.

The final tip for successful auctioning is to keep your emotions under control.Auctions have a lot of similarities to gambling, and just like gambling, your spending can get out of control. If you keep your emotions level, it will keep you from making rash decisions and blowing loads of cash. Keep your mind clear so that you can gage the behavior of the other bidders and outsmart them.


Penny auctions are a great addition to the web whether you want to win an item that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford or if you simply enjoy the thrill that comes with bidding in auctions. Unfortunately, scam sites have tarnished the reputation of the legitimate penny auction sites. However, there are ways that you can protect yourself from scamers and enjoy your auctioning without having to worry about losing your money due to dishonesty.

Checking the reputation of the auction site before you start spending your hard earned money is always a good idea. Chances are other people have tried the site before you and some of them have left reviews. The reviews are your way to gage whether a auction site is trustworthy or not. If a site is getting overwhelmingly negative reviews, then that is a clear indication that you should steer your business elsewhere.

Another tool you can use to protect yourself is checking the Alexia ranks of the auction sites. Alexia rank will give a solid view of how much traffic the auction is getting. If you see a huge difference in the amount of traffic Alexia is projecting and the amount of active bidders on the site, then warning signals should be ringing in your head. Some auction sites have been known to set up robots that automatically bid on projects in order to keep the auction going and inflate the price. That is known as shill bidding. You can sniff out those sites by comparing the traffic the site should be getting to the amount of users using this site.


New legislation may come out later down the road that will officially make penny auctions gambling, but until then, it is a fun, exciting auction that allows one to win the item they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.Auctions are also quite lucrative for the site owners because of the pay-per-bid strategy they’ve incorporated. Penny auctions had humble beginnings with farmers who just wanted to get back at the banks who kicked them out of their house. More recently, auctions have enjoyed an explosion in popularity with the rise of the internet.

There are two main formats fora auctions, lowest and highest unique auction, however they both run on the same premise where the last unique bid wins the item. Winning a penny auction will require a certain amount of mental tactic and a bit of luck. However, you can increase your odds of winning by practicing certain techniques such as managing your bids wisely, learning how to work with the time, and keeping a level head and your emotions under control. When you combine those three strategies to your bidding plan, you will find that you win a lot more often.

It is important that you do your due diligence to protect yourself when participating in auctions. Not every auction is run by honest and trustworthy people. There are people out there who just want to take your money. You can protect yourself by ensuring that you only bid on sites that already have a very positive reputation from real users.

How to Find Great Live Auctions for Resale Items

Hi, my name is Walt. I’m an auctioneer with 25 years of experience in the auction business and licensed in the state of MA. I own Quick Auction Service, a company that specializes in building and running custom auctions, I’m also the webmaster of my own site and have been on eBay for 8 years. Besides eBay, the types of auctions I run most frequently are antiques and on-site estate auctions, although I’ve run everything from business overstock auctions to charity & special event auctions.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and stories of the auction business. My goal for article is to help folks get the absolute most out of their auction experience.

Whether your fresh out of the package or a seasoned dealer I think I can offer something in this article to help you with your auciton adventures.

There may be as many reasons to attend auctions as there are types of auctions to attend. Maybe you want to attend an auction to buy items for re-sale on eBay, or some other market. Maybe you want to furnish your home with wonderful antiques, or you want to furnish your home as inexpensively without sacrificing quality.Some folks are just looking for a fun night out. With a little perseverance all these things are possible.

There are antiques and estate auctions, auto auctions, overstock auctions, absolute and no reserve auctions, real estate auctions, specialty auctions where only one genre of items are sold, tailgate auctions, live auctions, online auctions, sealed bid auctions, silent auctions, charity and fund raising auctions and many more.

Can you really buy for pennies on the dollar at an auction? You bet! Many times I’ve seen folks buy and re-sell at the same auction on the same night for a good profit, although be advised, this should only be done after the auction is over.

There are a lot of ways to find an auction, but here are some tips on how to find and attend the best ones.

Visit the genre of shops in the area that apply to the type of auction you want to attend. IE: If your looking for a good antique auction to attend, stop in the local antiques shops and ask for what there are for good auctions in the area. Sounds obvious right? But listen to what they don’t say as well as what they do say. Oftentimes when a dealer speaks poorly about an auction he or she attends, it may be likely that they are trying to keep a good thing secret. Think for a moment, why would a dealer keep attending a lousy auction?

Newspaper ads: I personally like to find ads in the classified ad section rather than flashy display ads. Flashy ads are usually indicative of an auction that will be high priced, may have reserves, (a set price on an item), and usually an enormous crowd. While any auction can be profitable to attend, it is usually best to steer clear of the glitzy ones, at least for the beginner.

Here’s the minimum you want to find out before you go. If there is a phone number in the ad, call and ask for the terms of the sale. What forms of payment do they accept? Is it an absolute auction? An absolute auction is one that has no minimum or reserve bids on items. These are the best auctions to attend! Is there a buyers premium? A buyers premium is like a tax that everyone who makes purchases at that auction must pay above the winning bid price. Most auctions these days do charge a buyers premium, 10% is not unreasonable but I feel much more than that is greedy, and the auctioneer that charges over 10% is counting on most bidders not doing the extra math as the bids quicken in pace.

A fair auction will have ample time to inspect the merchandise, usually at least 2 or 3 hours. Find out when inspection starts and make sure to attend! Never attend an auction if you can’t make the inspection, not unless your prepared to gamble. Most auctioneers sell at a rate of about 100 items per hour, which is why they sell “as is”. They simply don’t have the time to give a detailed description of all the items. Since almost all items at auction are sold AS IS, there are sure to be some damaged, refinished, fake and incomplete items at any given auction. Beware of any auctions that offer very little or no inspection time.

Good auctions will usually have 150 to 400 lots. A lot may be one item or a group of items. The exception to this are specialty auctions, auto auctions, real estate auctions etc.

When you attend your first sale, take note of the 1/2 dozen or so dealers that buy the most often. See if you can find out about other area auctions they attend.

When you do find an excellent auction, attend it as often as possible. By frequenting good sales, you help increase the bottom line of that business. It’s difficult for many auctioneers to keep the quality of merchandise consistent, so good attendance certainly helps. And when an auctioneer gets to know you as a buyer, he/she will go out of the way to accommodate you, to keep you coming back.